About Us

Identity and Access Management (IAM):

3R Infotech offers end-to-end services under the NextGen Cloud-based Identity & Access Management portfolio, right from consulting and transformation to Managed Services. Our IAM services is based on the foundational pillars of Authentication, Authorization, & Accountability (triple A or AAA). We understand that enterprise businesses have intranet, extranet and internet-based users’ ingress/egress the corporate network across private\public & hybrid environments accessing critical assets within an enterprise network. 3R Infotech provides Access management, Identity lifecycle management & Employee\User Management services to secure both Cloud hosted & on-premises business-critical systems.

We provide IAM solution integrated with User Behaviour Analytics,takes a context-aware access approach to provide least privilege, just-enough & just-in-time access to critical systems and limit lateral infection & data breaches. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data both from external threat actors & insider threats.