Managed Services

Let's face it, 70% of IT budget is consumed in keeping the lights on. Learn how our managed services could help you optimize your existing IT Infrastructure and significantly reduce your infrastructure and enterprise investments by consolidating and recontracting.

Customers are cost-conscious by nature and will go to great lengths to save money. When it comes to managed IT services, many of clients will choose to opt out of these services in order to save a few dollars in the short run. What they don't often don't is, after accounting for productivity losses, unscheduled maintenance fees, and even damage to their reputation, the decision not to engage in a managed services contract can end up costing them much more down the road.

3R Infotech help its customers to address these issues through Managed Services offerings:

Preventing downtime. Customers need to understand how proactive maintenance and monitoring of their IT environments can prevent downtime for their business. A powerful way to communicate this is by demonstrating how much their business will lose if one of their employee's workstations went down for a day or even just a few hours. Being able to illustrate how managed services can improve productivity, efficiency, and cost savings can help sway even the most reluctant clients.

Predictable spending.Customers want to know in advance how much they can expect to spend on managed services, so the recurring monthly billing model is a key selling point. 3R Infotech makes it clear to their clients and prospects that with managed services, they will be billed the same price every month. This will allow them to budget and plan ahead more effectively.

Insurance for your business. Proactive data protection and managed IT security services, combined can offer total protection for customers business-critical data and infrastructure. Clients will get the peace of mind that comes from knowing their business will be safeguarded against future data loss scenarios. 3R Infotech can provide specific examples of cases where data protection and IT security solutions saved another one of their clients — as well a contrasting example where a customer went through a similar situation and did not have a data protection strategy in place — they will have more success in closing the deal. We provide the following services:

  • WAN – Monitoring and management of SD-WAN network
  • LAN – Monitoring and troubleshooting of core network infrastructure/equipment
  • Microsoft Office 365 and managed services
  • Network Security – State-of-the-art firewall monitoring and management
  • Servers – Monitoring and management of server environments
  • Workstations – Monitoring and management of user workstations
  • Backups – Server backup, Data Archival and recovery service
  • These innovative services are managed by a team with more than 20 years of experience in managing IT services.