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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services (VAPT):

Enterprises must continuously monitor, identify & remediate vulnerabilities in their environment to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.3R Infotech Vulnerability Management services address these customer challenges. Our Vulnerability Management solution continuously scans and identifies vulnerabilities in the on-premise & physical infrastructure, cloud environment, and applications and supports the customers in remediation and patching vulnerabilities, prioritizing based on the associated risks of the vulnerabilities and business priorities.

3R Infotech offers Vulnerability Management As A Service model to customers, where the customer’s environment is continuously scanned for previously undetected vulnerabilities, perform threat modelling and proactive threat hunting and remediation. For customers who are seeking for a one-time Vulnerability Assessment and Penetrating Testing services, we offer the services as projects.

  • Application Security Assessment(Discovery, Assessment Analysis, Exploitation)
  • Mobile Application security assessment (Android and IoS)
  • System Hardening (OS, Network, Applications and Third-party modules)
  • Infra and Network Assessment (Operating System, Database, Third Party (TP) and Middleware)
  • Customer Benefit

  • Prevent financial/business losses, damage to reputation and penalties because of cyberattacks
  • Proactive Security & Business Risk Management & Mitigation
  • Compliance of Industry & Geo-specific Regulations and Standards

  • Titania’s Nipper is a vulnerability assessment tool.
  • The solution discovers the vulnerabilities for the Network devices (Ex, Router, switches and firewall) of different vendors.
  • It automatically prioritizing risk, provide the recommendation and suggest the exact fixes.
  • The solution collects the Network device’s configuration file or files as input and generate the audit report.
  • The Solution takes cares of the compliances (ex, PCI DSS, CMMC, NIST, CIS Benchmark etc).
  • The audit report can be scheduled.
  • The report can be customized and displays the data using charts (heat, bar, pie etc)
  • Report compares the devices configuration vulnerability against the latest NVD (National Vulnerability repository).
  • IP Scoping can be configured.
  • Within the report, Include-exclude of the security issues and adding notes are the other features of this solution.
  • The Report can be saved in different file format (ex, html, xml, pdf etc).