To streamline efficiency, workflows and custom fields needed consolidation to minimize redundancy and optimize their use. Additionally, duplicate user email IDs had to be eliminated and reassigned for better data integrity. Finally, add-on data migration was required, along with the creation of custom scripts to ensure cloud compatibility.


3R Infotech leverages its proven Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to successfully migrate Atlassian tools from server to cloud.

·  Data consolidation for migration is meticulously planned, including details like issue count, last updated dates, and used schemes.

·  Complex migrations are broken down into manageable work blocks for efficient execution.

·  Expertise in enterprise-scale migrations ensures smooth handling of large deployments.

·  A successful migration requires both a data transfer strategy and a deep understanding of Atlassian configurations.


A Seamless transition from OnPrem to Atlassian cloud to reap the benefits of Scalability, robust security, and automatic upgrades – all without downtime or IT burden.